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Dolly Parton Reacts To Beyonce’s Remake Of ‘Jolene’

Dolly Parton recently took to Instagram to praise Beyonce‘s cover of the country legend’s iconic song “Jolene.”

“Wow, I just heard Jolene. Beyoncé is giving that girl some trouble and she deserves it! Love, Dolly P.” Parton wrote about Beyonce’s “Jolene” cover, which is featured on her new album, Cowboy Carter.

Beyonce has actually rewritten “Jolene,” with the new lyrics addressing Jay-Z cheating on her.

In the original, Parton said she “can’t compete” with “Jolene.” Beyonce’s cover has a more empowering perception of herself: “Jolene, I know I’m a queen, Jolene / I’m still a Creole banjee bitch from Louisianne (Don’t try me)”.

“Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / I’m warnin’ you, don’t come for my man / Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene / Don’t take the chance because you think you can,” Beyonce sings in the chorus.

The cover version also sees Beyonce reaffirm her love for her husband. “We’ve been deep in love for twenty years / I raised that man, I raised his kids / I know my man better than he knows himself,” she sings.

Parton’s reaction to “Jolene” cover comes after she previously gave Beyonce’s country pivot her blessing, saying, “I’m a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she’s done a country album.”

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