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Ed Sheeran Teams With Kraft Heinz To Launch ‘Tingly Ted’s’ Hot Sauce

The Kraft Heinz Company in collaboration with chart-topping musician Ed Sheeran has launched a hot sauce under the newly created “Tingly Ted’s” brand.

Announcing the news in a video posted on Instagram, Sheeran said, “I love my food – that’s no secret. But the older I get, the more I need spice. So we’ve developed a hot sauce called Tingly Ted’s. I’ve developed this over time with some expert hot-sauce makers and we basically whittled it down to the best flavors, the best chilis.”

“I wanted it the same consistency of ketchup, and I wanted something that took a higher place on my shelf or in the fridge that didn’t just get relegated to the cupboard with all the other hot sauces,” he added.

“Tingly Ted’s” comes in two flavors, including an “Xtra Tingly” variant, and is made using red jalapeños and capsicum chillies. The brand is named after Ed’s childhood nickname, Ted.

“Tingly Ted’s” is expected to roll out around the world through 2023. To pre-order a bottle and find out more, visit www.tinglyteds.com or www.instagram.com/tinglyteds.

(Photo: Kraft Heinz)

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