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Fall Out Boy Share Video For New Single ‘Hold Me Like A Grudge’

Fall Out Boy recently released a video for “Hold Me Like a Grudge,” a song from their latest album, So Much (For) Stardust.

The music video is a sequel to the iconic “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” clip from the band’s superhit record Infinity On High, which arrived in 2007.

“When we did ‘Dance, Dance’, that was kind of the first video we wrote, right? And so, when we did ‘Arms Race,’ we were like, ‘Well, what if we go back and we approach it super-cynically, and ‘Dance, Dance’ wasn’t really what it was?’ And then ‘Arms Race’ ends and it’s 2003 or whatever, and we’re at the show,” bassist Pete Wentz told Kerrang! about the concept for the video.

“And this video starts at Arms Race, and I fall and I break my leg, and then they fix my leg but it’s bionic, and I become a superhero for 20 years, and we don’t do the band, and it’s a different timeline,” he continued. “We get a call from a guy who’s in the future but the past, and the space-time continuum is broken, and so I go and find Patrick, who’s a local wrestler (laughs) who’s in this amazing muscle suit – which was a role he designed!”

“It’s an ambitious video,” Wentz added. “I think if it comes out half as well as we want it to then it’ll be kinda funny. It was fun to make.”

(Photo: Pamela Littky)

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