Finneas Shares Nostalgic ‘The 90s’ From Debut Album

Finneas Shares Nostalgic ‘The 90s’ From Debut Album

Finneas recently shared a music video for his new single “The 90s” from his upcoming debut album Optimist.

The Sam Bennett-directed video is choreographed by Monika Felice Smith.

“All the time I should’ve been so happy I was here, Wasting it on worrying, just made it disappear/Now my head feels so heavy/I’m left holding up the levee,” Finneas sings in the video.

In an interview with Apple Music, Finneas said home videos of his young parents in the ’90s were his inspiration behind the new track.

“I was born in 1997. So I was about 2 1/2 when the ’90s ended. The reason I sort of picked the ’90s specifically was I was a little baby in the ’90s, and so there’s a lot of home video of the ’90s floating around in my life where I’ll see home VHS camcorders,” Finneas told Zane Lowe. “My parents look very young in this. You don’t see your parents get old until you look at your parents when you were little. So I see all these home videos of my young parents.”

“And I think also the ’90s was the most modern time that wasn’t ruled by the Internet,” he added. “If I were to write a song about the ’70s and flower power, which maybe I’ll write that someday, is such a different world, such a different time. The ’90s is modern with no Internet.”

Optimist is due to be released on October 15.

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