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Ice Spice Immortalized As Chia Pet

Ice Spice has partnered with Chicago-based lifestyle brand Living Product to launch her own Chia Pet.

The rapper’s terra cotta figurine features her signature orange Afro hair, her pink hoodie, and $100,000 diamond chain with the cartoon rendering of her face.

Commenting on this creative venture, Ice Spice said, “Like my lyrics say, ‘I’m breakin’ records, and I’m breakin’ news,’ I’m not sure who stole whose look, but I’m into it and am very excited about this fun partnership. Chia Pet is an iconic brand with a dope jingle – so we have that in common.”

“My manager Tara is such a beast. She connected us to help design merch for Ice Spice,” said JB Brode of Living Product. “Ideating around that led us to this lightbulb moment like, ‘D**n, an Ice Spice Chia Pet would be crazy.’ It started as just an idea for a graphic, but we knew that the idea deserved its own moment.”

The Ice Spice-themed Chia Pet is now available for fans to purchase through Amazon and the Chia website. It’ll also be featured on the musician’s official website starting Friday, November 24.

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