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J. Cole Opens Up About Improving Mental Health, Praises Female Rappers

J. Cole has opened up about how meditation and staying away from social media has helped improve his mental health.

During an appearance on Kevin Hart‘s “Hart To Heart” on Peacock, Cole also praised female rappers.

The Grammy-Award winning artist revealed that it was his new publicist Kathryn Frazier who helped him find his way back to utilizing the art of meditation.

Cole said he also set a rule for himself to refrain from being active on social media.

“I had set rules for myself. One was like, ‘bro, you can’t go on social media no more’.Nobody’s there to be like, don’t Google yourself. Don’t search your name. I had set some rules for myself, some baseline rules like, yo, don’t go on Twitter. Don’t read your replies. That’s rule number one. Number two, when you’re creating, you got to create from a pure place only. That was a rule I set for myself. Everything has to only be truly what you feel in your heart,” Cole said.

Praising “a whole different crop of young superstars and styles,” Cole also said, “I feel like they’re doing some of the most exciting [stuff], commercially – they’re giving us a lot of fire moments and I feel like that’s something that wasn’t around when we were growing up. There was always one. There could never be more than one [woman]. Now, it’s like, we getting moments, and moments, and moments. I think that’s hard.”

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