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Kendrick Lamar Drops New Drake Diss Track ‘Euphoria’

Kendrick Lamar has escalated his beef with Drake by dropping a new diss track, “Euphoria,” in response to the Canadian rapper’s latest diss track.

Last week, Drake released “Taylor Made Freestyle,” asking why Kendrick hadn’t gotten in the booth to respond to him yet. The song was Drake’s second diss track after Kendrick came at him on the Metro Boomin and Future track “Like That.”

“Since “Like That,” your tone changed a little, you not as enthused / How are you not in the booth? It feel like you kinda removed,” Drake had rapped.

In response, Kendrick starts the new song: “Them super powers gettin’ neutralized, I can only watch in silence/The famous actor we once knew is lookin’ paranoid and now is spiralling/You movin’ just like a degenerate, heavy antic, it’s feelin’ distasteful/Why calculate you, not as calculated, I can even predict your angles.”

Lamar also calls Drake a “pathetic master manipulator” and a “habitual liar” who is “not a rap artist” but “a scam artist.”

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