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Nicki Minaj, Husband Ordered To Pay $500,000 For Alleged Assault

A Los Angeles court judge last week ordered Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty to pay $500,000 to a security guard after a lawsuit alleged Petty assaulted the guard during a concert in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2019.

Security guard Thomas Weidenmuller alleged in a lawsuit that Minaj blamed a female security guard for letting a fan jump over the barricade and climb on the stage and then recorded the guard as she yelled at her.

Weidenmuller said he stepped in to support the female guard and told Minaj not to record her as it will “ruin” the staffer’s reputation. Following this, the rapper threw a shoe at him, and Petty then ambushed him from behind and then punched him in the face, leaving him “stunned and disoriented” with a broken jaw.

“I felt a blinding pain in my head, neck, face and jaw. I could tell in that instant that something was seriously wrong with my jaw,” Weidenmuller wrote in a court filing. He added that he underwent several surgeries and stayed at the hospital for over 10 days. He stated that he now has “five plates” in his jaw, which still “has not yet been fully reconstructed”.

In his lawsuit, Weidenmuller sought $21,000 to cover medical bills and $700,000 for emotional pain, suffering, and his ongoing injury. However, as Minaj and Petty failed to respond to the lawsuit, the judge awarded Weidenmuller a default judgement amount of over $500,000.

Weidenmuller’s lawyers say that the court tried to serve Minaj and Petty the complaint several times but never succeeded.

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