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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Explains Why She Doesn’t ‘Dare’ Play Guitar On Stage

Hayley Williams has explained that the reason why she doesn’t “dare” play guitar on stage is because of sexist comments.

The Paramore lead vocalist and members of indie band Wet Leg were speaking about the problems that women are facing in music for a new podcast from The Face magazine.

Wet Leg lead singer Rhian Teasdale said, “I think for us one of the hardest or most irritating things about being women is probably just the stupid comments on the internet like, ‘Oh she’s holding that guitar but she’s not actually playing it.’”

“Like, for example, when I am not using my guitar but then I need to play it in the chorus or something, there will always be a comment being like, ‘Girls shouldn’t play guitar, women shouldn’t play guitar,’ and it’s just like. it’s so dated but it’s still there! And I just hate it so much. It’s so frustrating,” she added.

Williams said, “I know those people so well, and I don’t even play guitar on stage. I don’t even dare, because I love to play guitar but I don’t know if I could handle. man. I feel you so hard”.

“I just hate that people even need to point it out,” she said. “I don’t even really think about my gender at all, when we play the music especially. It’s just not part of the picture. I’m trying to lean into femininity and empower that part of myself more in this era of my career, but do you ever get on stage and feel ‘other’? You feel like this alien thing that’s powerful and beautiful.”

In Wet Leg co-founder Hester Chambers‘ opinion, “It’s a scary thing to be confronted with. When it’s just us being ourselves in a room, I’m not thinking about it at all. But as soon as you have a gig and an audience, you become a bit hyper-aware.”

Paramore’s world tour is set to kick off with a performance at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on February 6.

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