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The National Team Up With Phoebe Bridgers On ‘Your Mind Is Not Your Friend’

The National recently released a music video for “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

“Don’t you understand?/ Your mind is not your friend again/ It takes you by the hand/ And leaves you nowhere/ You are like a child/ You’re gonna flip your lid again/ Don’t you understand?/ Your mind is not your friend,” Matt Berninger and Bridgers sing in the chorus.

“This one came later in the phase when I was kind of climbing out of a long phase of writer’s block and depression and just kind of self-disgust. I didn’t even want to write or think about myself for a long time, and my wife was repeating to me over the course of that long period, telling me that ‘This is just a phase. This is not really you.’” Berninger said in an interview with Hanuman Welch on Apple Music 1.

Berninger praised Bridgers’ contribution, saying, “I kind of felt like it needed that presence of another voice or another person, and Phoebe jumped in. She was just perfect for that. And because her voice is just such a tender just warm hug, and so it added that sort of dimension to it, which was crucial for it to work.”

“Your Mind Is Not Your Friend,” is the fourth single from The National’s upcoming album First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

(Photo: Josh Goleman)

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