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Watch Taylor Swift’s ‘Nightmare Scenarios And Intrusive Thoughts’ Play Out In ‘Anti-Hero’ Video

Just hours after the release of Taylor Swift‘s latest album Midnights, the pop superstar dropped the music video for “Anti-Hero.”

“The Anti-Hero video is HERE, which I wrote and directed. Watch my nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time,” Swift wrote on social media.

In the video, Swift is in a 1970s-style suburban home kitchen at night, briefly visited by ghosts in tablecloths. She opens the front door to find a clone of herself with her early-2010s appearance and tour dance outfit.

They drink shots and sing the chorus together, with the “current” version playing a blue guitar while the “younger” version smashes a copy of it on the floor. A third, giant version of Swift also appears in the video.

The video then cuts to a funeral scene, in which John Early, Mike Birbiglia, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis play Swift’s awful children, who learn their mother has left them just 13 cents and decided to turn the big beach house into a cat sanctuary. They fight among themselves, as Swift cracks open the coffin to peak out at the chaos.

The video ends as the first two versions of Swift sit on a rooftop and offer a bottle of wine to the giant version, who happily accepts.

Upon the release of Midnights, “Anti-Hero” earned over 17.4 million plays in its first 24 hours on Spotify globally, becoming the biggest opening day for a song in the platform’s history.

(Photo: Taylor Swift/YouTube)

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