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Yungblud Releases ‘The Funeral’ Video Featuring Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

British singer Yungblud recently released a video for his pop-punk track “The Funeral,” featuring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

The video follows the singer in the moments leading up to his death and his funeral.

“Hang on! Is this a f—ing funeral?” asks the Prince of Darkness looking over Yungblud’s dead body. “Where the f— is everybody?”

The video then flashes back, showing Yungblud performing “The Funeral” at a show.

“I’ve been dancing in my funeral/Waiting for you to arrive,” he sings. “I was hoping you looked beautiful/Dancing with tears in your eyes/ But nobody came, what a shame, shame, shame!”

Then, as he walks out of the concert he gets hit by a car, which is driven by Sharon Osbourne.

“What the f— was that?” asks Ozzy. “Just some f—ing poser,” replies Sharon. Ozzy hits back, “Ah, run him over again then.”

(Photo: Tom Pallant)

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