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Yungblud Returns With Landmark New Single ‘Lowlife’

Pop-punk star Yungblud recently shared a new single, titled “Lowlife.”

“I wrote ‘Lowlife’ because I just didn’t want to leave my house,” said Yungblud. “I was sick of people, of games, of myself, my friends, anytime I did anything some idiot had an opinion about it. What I should do or be.”

He added, “The truth is I didn’t want to be anything at all sometimes, I wanted to be nothing. So I just didn’t leave bed. I was dissatisfied and craving some sort of boredom. The type of boredom where you sit in your house, in the same sheets and watch fucking mind numbing TV, so I wrote a song about it.”

The single was teased earlier this month, when Yungblud sent hand-written notes to fans’ letterboxes around the world, detailing locations in London, Los Angeles and Germany.

(Photo: Tom Pallant)

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