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May 22, 2019




Review: 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature

If you want to check on the health of a particular car model, quickly scan the sales numbers. It’s not unusual for a model to fluctuate based on several factors, including how recently it’s been updated.

But when you check the numbers on the Mazda CX-5 you see something very telling. Those sales figures have increased every single year since the small crossover/SUV was first introduced to the American market in 2012.

In fact, from 2017 to 2018 it enjoyed a very healthy 18% jump. People, it seems, really dig this car.

And they should. You can be a real stickler and dig to find a few things to nitpick about — but there won’t be many. The CX-5 knows its market and certainly knows how to cater to it. It’s one of the better crossovers I’ve driven in the last year.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

When it was first introduced in 2001, this crossover SUV was known as the Airtrek. The name was intended to produce a feeling of “footloose, adventure-filled motoring pleasure.”

By 2006 a new name was introduced, the Outlander. This time we were told to expect a “feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure.”
That’s pretty cool, but what do I call it when I just want to drive down to the grocery store to get some eggs and maybe a glazed donut?

Marketing is fun!

For this review we’re going to focus only on the PHEV version, which stands for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This is different from a traditional hybrid in that you plug it in to generate just enough miles to get to a single destination. Then you plug it in again.

Don’t be alarmed; it also has a gas engine to pick up the slack.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Acura RDX A-Spec

Before I forget, let me offer one suggestion should you purchase the Acura RDX. Do a quick online search for how to disable a feature called Walk Away Auto Lock. You’ll thank me.

Yes, in my 20 years of writing car reviews that was easily the oddest way I’ve ever started one.

Auto Lock means you pull into your garage and go in the house, and the car just decides to lock itself. So 10 minutes later when you need something out of the back seat you walk out to the garage — and can’t get in the car. You have to go back inside and get the keys.

Disable. Quickly. Save yourself frustration.

Okay, now to the meat: The RDX is a winner. (As long as you can get inside it.)

The Basics

For 2019 Acura redesigned the RDX, kicking off the third generation of this luxury compact SUV. During its lifetime it has gone from a 4-cylinder engine to a V6 and now, with this third gen, back to a 4-cylinder that produces 272 horsepower. It’s the same engine that Honda uses for their Accord, and it’s paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Infiniti QX50

Once upon a time Infiniti produced a smaller luxury crossover/SUV called the EX. Then someone upstairs sent down a memo telling everyone to not only substitute new letters, but to just go ahead and change everything.

And, voila, you have a fully redesigned QX50.

It’s not like this SUV wasn’t getting solid reviews. In fact, GQ named it a Top 10 selection several years in a row. But remember Wayne Gretzky’s often overused sports cliche (okay, you might not remember, so I’ll remind you):
“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Infiniti took an already-good SUV and predicted where buyers will want to be. The result is another solid choice.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Toyota 86 TRD

This car has an interesting history, from its conception and production as a joint effort with Subaru, to the transformation it has experienced through the years, and even to the pronunciation of the name.

(That’s right, don’t call it the “eighty-six.” It’s the “eight six.”)

When Toyota first approached some of the engineers at Subaru at partnering on the car, they were told no. But after those engineers were allowed a peek at a prototype they decided to come on board.

Now the car is sold around the world under a variety of badges. In the U.S. it’s the 86, in Europe it’s the GT86, and in some Central American countries it’s Fred.

Just kidding. There they call it the FT86.

The goal was to create a fun, sporty ride. They’ve mostly done that.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Honda Insight Touring

The Honda Insight has had an interesting history. Originally launched in the late 1990s, it hit the market about the same time as the more-recognizable Toyota Prius.

But while the Prius became the poster child of the hybrid vehicle, the Insight fought for respect.

It’s seen its share of ups and downs, winning major awards and selling well for periods of time, only to get passed by other hybrid models and eventually being discontinued in 2014.

Perhaps many thought it was dead for good. But Honda simply put the car into hibernation, spending the intervening years working out not only a new design for the hybrid engine, but redesigning the look altogether.

Quite simply, the Insight doesn’t look the part of a hybrid at all anymore. Gone is the 4-door liftback, replaced now by a standard sedan style that might make some people think they’re seeing an Accord.

What they’ve done, however, is craft a much-improved car.

The Basics

This is the third generation of the Insight after its hiatus. It’s available in three trim levels, starting with the base LX, the EX, and the Touring.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mercedes C300 4Matic Coupe

A man walking past waved me to a stop as I backed out of my parking space at the radio station. Rolling the window down, I wondered if he needed directions, or had a question about the building.

No. He wanted to tell me: “Hey, I love your car. That’s my dream car.”

He seemed crestfallen when I told him I only had it for a few more days, as if a person would be crazy to part with a Mercedes C300.

I’ll say this: After driving it for a week, and admiring the solid alterations Mercedes made from the ’18 version, the guy made a pretty good choice for his dream car. The C300 is first-rate.

For 2019 the car did not receive a major redesign, but a thorough “refresh” has added some nice touches. And really, with its success as the top-selling model in the Mercedes stable, the C-class hasn’t been crying out for major changes.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Lexus UX 250h AWD

The crossover/SUV market is getting more crowded with choices every month, it seems. You have access to plenty that will dominate the space in your garage and maybe even necessitate parking farther out in the grocery store lot in order to not be squeezed into a tiny space.

Slowly but surely, car makers are realizing that there’s a pretty good demand for something in the category that doesn’t overwhelm you. Lexus, which already has a few winners in the crossover arena (see the Lexus RX350, which I reviewed here) and now they’re proudly unveiling their newest player.

The UX 250h is the hybrid version of the brand new UX. If you opt for the traditional engine, it’s the UX 200.

I drove the hybrid 250h for a week.

The Basics

This is a sweet looking crossover. Although it’s smaller than its family members, the RX and the NX, it doesn’t seem shrimpy. Granted, storage space has been sacrificed, especially in the hybrid, but not to the point where it seems tiny.

The exterior modeling has been quite well done. I found the UX to be one of the more attractive crossovers I’ve driven.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Honda Pilot Elite AWD

There are several choices for families who lust for a third-row SUV, a vehicle capable of carting around 7 or 8 people and their stuff.

The Honda Pilot has battled in this segment for many years, and battled well. But there have been small, niggling issues that have kept it from rock star status in the past.

For 2019 Honda has addressed some of these, and the result is another solid entry in the category.

The Basics

This is an eye-catching mid-size SUV, and by adding some small styling touches Honda jazzed it up even further.

The front grille gives the Pilot more of a rugged look, which I guess is important to some. (I read an article last year that said previous Pilots looked too much like a minivan. That’s fightin’ talk.)Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mazda CX-9

Sometimes it comes down to this: Do you simply want to impress people with the name badge on the back of your vehicle, or do you treat it as mere transportation and the ride is most important?

If you’re in Group A — and there’s nothing wrong with that — you’ll likely confine your crossover/SUV shopping to the well-known luxury brands, like Lexus, Audi, BMW, etc.

If you’re in the second group, I’ve got a winner for you. The 2019 Mazda CX-9 doesn’t clock a perfect score, but it’s a strong choice that won’t set you back dollar-wise nearly as much as the fancy-pants choices.

And, as a bonus, it looks terrific.

The Basics

The CX-9 came out of the chute running, picking up the Motor Trend SUV of the Year Award just two years after it was unveiled. In the years since, it has made enough tweaks and adjustments to keep it relevant and popular with the masses.Continue Reading

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 The Liberty Run 4 Mile, has something for all ages and abilities.  You can run or walk, or you can take part in our competitive USATF judged race walk.  Plus kids 8 & Under can enjoy our FREE Firecracker 100 Meter Kids Fun Run. 

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Big Boom Bash by Lakewood

Leave the sparklers at home and join the biggest bash of the season! Big Boom Bash by Lakewood, a FREE Fourth of July celebration, will take place on Thursday, July 4th, at Jeffco Stadium, showcasing a spectacular 20-minute fireworks display at dark! For event details, visit or call the Big Boom Bash hotline at 303-987-7899.

Bring the family to enjoy children’s activities, food trucks and great music. The Beer Garden presented by Foothills Credit Union will feature beer from Lakewood breweries. MIX 100 radio station will be on-site with prizes, playing contemporary hits and patriotic songs throughout the evening. The one-of-a-kind fireworks display will be choreographed to music simulcast by MIX 100, and spectators outside of the stadium are encouraged to tune in to 100.3 FM to celebrate the holiday.


Denver Pop Culture Con 2019

Don’t miss Denver Pop Culture Con—the ultimate pop culture celebration—May 31-June 2 at the Colorado Convention Center. You’ll have the chance to meet celebrities from film and TV shows like Stranger Things, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and more. Plus, meet hundreds of comic artists and writers, shop for geek gear, wear and see some of the finest costume creations, attend panels and workshops, and get your books signed by the best in sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and YA fiction. Tickets on sale now!

Denver Pop Culture Con is a program of the Colorado nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom, whose mission is to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity and build community through pop culture education. The proceeds from this annual event benefit Pop Culture Classroom’s overall educational endeavors.



Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

When it was first introduced in 2001, this crossover SUV was known as the Airtrek. The name was intended to produce a feeling of “footloose, adventure-filled motoring pleasure.”

By 2006 a new name was introduced, the Outlander. This time we were told to expect a “feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure.”
That’s pretty cool, but what do I call it when I just want to drive down to the grocery store to get some eggs and maybe a glazed donut?

Marketing is fun!

For this review we’re going to focus only on the PHEV version, which stands for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This is different from a traditional hybrid in that you plug it in to generate just enough miles to get to a single destination. Then you plug it in again.

Don’t be alarmed; it also has a gas engine to pick up the slack.

The Basics

That gas engine is a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder variety. Then you have twin 60kW electric motors, one for the front axle and one for the rear. Combine all three sources and you’ll get about 190 horsepower.

There are two trim levels offered, the SEL and the GT. The SEL itself has a pretty good stable of standard features, including heated side mirrors, keyless ignition, leather seats, rearview camera, and more.

The GT level adds a few extra toys, like LED headlights, a sunroof, and the always-cool multi-view camera. On one level those freak me out (how do they DO that?) but I’m getting spoiled to having them, too.

The Outlander seats 5, and has a pretty generous amount of storage for all your outdoorsy toys in the back.

The plug-in feature works like this: With a full charge you should be able to motor about 22 miles on electric power. Once that’s depleted the vehicle switches over to its gas engine. That switch is relatively seamless, and quite smooth.

There are other plug-in choices out there, and the Outlander’s electric range might give you pause. But for many, the 20+ miles are enough to scoot them around town.

The Interior

By employing the plug-in hybrid technology, this version of the Outlander sacrifices the third row of seats you get in all-gas models. Personally, there’s no love lost between me and third-rows, so no worries there.

You get a fairly spacious passenger area because of this. The second row isn’t huge, but has plenty of room for even tall passengers.

Storage space is decent up front, although I question the small center bin that loses some room to a center console that didn’t need to be that large. I think most of us would give up that space in order to have a larger bin.

The Outlander could stand to add a few extra spaces for our inevitable junk, too, like cell phones, etc.

The rear cargo area sports about 30 cubic feet, but lower the second row and that space expands to nearly 80 cubic feet. That’s fantastic.

I wasn’t crazy about the materials inside this SUV. I know Mitsubishi is really playing the “affordable” card when battling competitors, but a slight upgrade here would go far.

The Drive

Too many times I got the impression that the Outlander was running a half-marathon but had only trained for a 10k.

It often seemed to struggle during acceleration. Sure, lots of people will blame that on hybrid technology, but that’s not the case anymore. Once up to speed it felt fine, if perhaps a bit noisy.

The steering was also a bit iffy. I just wanted a better feel when I was making turns, especially on a twisty mountain road.

Braking, however, is quite good. And although I never took the Outlander off-road, its dual motors that individually control the axels helps. Plus, ground clearance makes this a good choice to leave the pavement behind.

The Tech

Audio and climate controls are easy and intuitive to operate, although I was underwhelmed by the Outlander’s sound.

Good news for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enthusiasts, because both are available here.

You get a couple of USB ports up front and another in the back. Plus – and this is always a nice feature – you get a standard home plug, too. Cars should have more of those.

Pretty much standard safety features are included, like blind spot warning and a rear-cross traffic alert system.

The plug-in system, which you’ll find on the right rear panel (the traditional gas fuel tank is accessed on the left), is super simple to operate. The charging cable is tucked under the rear cargo floor, and you’ll be plugged in and charging in about 30 seconds.

Both times I charged it I left it overnight. That easily gave me the 22 mile range I needed the next day.

The Bottom Line

The Outlander has a lot of potential to be a great city crossover/SUV. It just needs a bit more aesthetic love.

But if you’re in the market for a hybrid, this plug-in variety offers great standard features at a price that could keep you from the luxury market just a while longer.

The Details

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV GT
2.0-L, 4-cylinder gas engine
Two 60-kW electric motors
1-speed transmission
Twin-motor all-wheel control (AWC)
Fuel economy: 74mpg (Electricity and gas), 25mpg (Gas only)
MSRP: $41,495
As tested: $42,920

Reviewed by Dom Testa
Vehicle provided by manufacturer