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December 13, 2019



Double Dutch

Review: 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Back in the early 1970s an executive at Jeep had a brilliant idea: Take the struggling Wagoneer (Google it) and create an offshoot. Thus was born a creature called the Jeep Cherokee.

Ten years later, when the second generation appeared with a few alterations, it spawned a whole new category in the automotive world. The ’84 Cherokee was (unofficially) the first SUV.

Competitors sat up and took notice. People were ditching their station wagons (Google it) and opting for this new thing. An entire segment was born and quickly flourished.

Thirty-five years later the roads are filled with SUVs and their offshoot, the crossover. And the venerable ol’ Cherokee is still going strong.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mazda6

The biggest question I have regarding this car is:
Why isn’t there a space between Mazda and 6?
When I write Mazda6 it looks like I’m either screwing up or just too lazy to hit the space bar.

The company, based in Hiroshima, Japan, will celebrate its 100th birthday in late January. Some of us are old enough to remember the advertising emphasis on their rotary-engines.

Those days are gone. Today, they simply make good, reliable, fun cars. You can live with that, right?Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Lexus ES 350 F Sport

The first Lexus ES burst onto the market 30 years ago, a smaller luxury sedan that was originally built on the platform of a Toyota Camry.

In fact, Lexus created the ES only because dealers didn’t want to be limited to just one model (at that time the LS). So they put together what some called the “luxury sedan of sports sedans.”

Now, three decades later the ES has a whole host of fans. In fact, as a disclaimer, I’ll point out that my own personal car is an ES hybrid.

For the 2019 model year Lexus made a few changes, both inside and out, resulting in a quicker, somewhat-sportier car.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Honda Civic Touring

The venerable Honda Civic will be celebrating its 50th birthday in just a couple of years. It burst upon the world as a two-door subcompact car, and over the years has gradually grown in size.

It walks the tightrope now between compact and mid-size (with the couple in the former category). Through its evolution, however, one thing has remained the same:

This car keeps going and going, and it sells like crazy. Worldwide it’s around the 20 million mark.

Based on the ’19 Touring version that I drove, the numbers are only going to continue to climb.

The Basics

Personally, I’m happy to see the Civic get a little bigger. The first car my son drove was an old used Civic, and I remember that it was fairly small.

The car I drove for a week was certainly no monster, but it had just the right size to it. Sometimes driving tiny cars can make you a tad nervous — the Mini, for instance, is just plain hard for people to see.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Hyundai Kona Ultimate

For a small SUV that’s only been around for two years, the Kona sure has piled up the awards and the love.

That includes the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, an award bestowed by automotive journalists. And this is for a vehicle that can be yours for well under $30k.

For years I’ve touted the Santa Fe as one of my favorite lower-priced SUVs on the market. Well, now the South Korean automaker has a little sibling for the Santa Fe and Tucson to mentor. And that younger sib is already stealing the attention.

The Basics

The Kona is a five-passenger subcompact SUV, so it’s competing against the likes of the Mazda CX-3 and the Honda HR-V.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Fiat 500x Trekking Plus

In the late 1950s, Fiat introduced a car known as the Cinquecento, which is only one of the coolest car names ever.

Eventually the Cinquecento came to be known as the 500 — which is nowhere near as cool. By the mid-70s the car was discontinued, and that could’ve been the end of it.

But in 2007, what would’ve been the car’s 50th anniversary, they brought it back. Granted, it was much different, but for people who love tiny Italian cars, it was perfect.

Fast-forward to the 500x, a subcompact SUV, with emphasis on the sub, which debuted in 2016.

I didn’t know what to expect before the 500x showed up at my house, but the little red car pleasantly surprised me. Hey, there’s only so much you can do to jazz up a small SUV, but at least it looks interesting.Continue Reading

Review: 2020 Range Rover Evoque

About ten years ago the folks at Range Rover decided to tweak one of their concept cars and see if it could work as a smaller SUV in the luxury segment.

It launched in 2011 and, for the most part, has sold pretty well for its parent company, Tata.

The idea is that you’d get a nice variety of the features you love about its larger Range Rover brethren, while simultaneously downsizing. One thing the Rover people insisted on was maintaining the brand’s reputation for solid off-road performance, and on that score they succeeded.

It just becomes a question of how often you’ll be cutting across streams and over boulders, versus driving in the city. Because while it may be a solid citizen in the hills, it’s not perfect going from one red light to the next.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Convertible

First things first. Other than being absolutely dazzled by the low, sleek, but fierce exterior of theM850i, something crazy happened the moment I slipped behind the wheel.

I was mesmerized, for the first time in my 20-plus years of reviewing cars, by a gear shifter.

Yes, the shifter.

In this case, I immediately said to my wife, “Hey, it’s a dilithium crystal from Star Trek.”

You have to see the crystal beauty to believe it.

But let’s wait a moment before we get inside. What exactly is this car all about?Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

I need to understand this weird disconnect between minivan reputations and how we actually feel when we drive them. Something doesn’t line up.

If that confuses you, it probably means you haven’t driven one. So, as Inigo Montoya said in The Princess Bride, lemme sum up.

For years minivans have been the vehicles we love to make fun of. The whole ‘soccer mom’ label — which was never intended to represent cool or fashionable in any way — was automatically attached to the image of a mother carting around a brood of children in a minivan.

So we poked fun. We were soooo superior in our sedans and SUVs, right?

And then something strange happened. We drove a minivan, either as a rental car, maybe because a friend owned one, or, in my case, to review.

And we liked them. We liked them a lot.Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Audi S5 Sportback

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are triggered by names. If they have any perceived negatives, we often find sneaky aways around using them. That means coming up with catchy names that camouflage the original word.

Here’s what I’m getting at: Audi must’ve realized that Americans have a bit of a negative bias around the word “hatchback,” so they pivoted.

When they finally decided to ship the S5 to America with a hatchback — one that had been around for a while overseas — they got clever. It was no longer called a hatchback.

It’s a Sportback. Ah, that’s much better!

But let’s be real: With this car, they could deliver it with Mickey Mouse ears sticking off the back and it would still be a badass. This car is a winner.

One of our co-workers at the radio station has had an S5 for a couple of years, so I was anxious to take this ’18 version out for a week. Here’s what I came away with.Continue Reading

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