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July 19, 2019



Double Dutch

Review: 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury

When you think of a car being designed today, you probably imagine someone hunched over a computer screen in an office, high up in a gleaming building in some large city.

Which is why there’s something charming about the fact that the original Land Rover was designed on a farm.

It was the late 1940s, and it’s likely the Land Rover was inspired by the recent success of the American Jeep in World War II. The earliest Land Rovers were even painted with leftover supplies from the war effort, so they were all shades of green.

We’ve come a long way, and so has the Rover. Today it’s the one that’s gleaming, with sleek, modern lines and high-end materials. But it never lost its original farm bones; it’s not afraid to veer off the pavement and take you across country, bounding through fields and up slopes.

Just give it a good scrub afterwards and it’ll be ready to take you back to the country club later that evening.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Nissan Pathfinder SL

The Pathfinder has been around in one form or another since the mid-1980s, originally a two-door vehicle that resembled a truck more than an SUV.

Since then it’s found its way through a few generations (the last one about 7 years ago) until arriving at today’s mid-size SUV workhorse. And these days the Pathfinder is built on the same platform as Nissan’s Altima and Maxima, so it looks and behaves less like its truck ancestors.

Though the category is crowded with more-than-worthy competitors, Nissan has always managed a loyal following of Pathfinder lovers, and this 2019 version does nothing to disappoint those fans.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Cadillac XT4

It took a while for Cadillac to realize the compact luxury SUV market was big enough for them to participate, but now they’ve arrived to the party.

The XT4, which is marketed as a luxurious and sporty player, comes up just a smidge short on both fronts.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid choice. It’s a fun drive, and won’t ever let you forget you’re driving a Cadillac.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mercedes GLC 350e

I had to sit and ponder my feelings about this luxury SUV. I’d just spent a week driving it and inspecting it, but mostly trying to figure it out.

Here’s what I came away with. The 2019 Mercedes GLC 350e is that person from high school that you think you should be in love with. They’re stylish, they’re sophisticated, and they have all of these traits that seem desirable.

Then you go out with them a few times and you realize you’re better off as friends.

Say hello to my new friend, the GLC 350e.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2019 Mustang Bullitt edition in one sentence:
After about 20 minutes in the car, my wife said to me, “Riding in the passenger seat of this car is a bummer.”

I think you get what she’s saying, right? This car is all about the driver. If you’re consigned to the passenger seat, all you can do is watch and envy.

Oh, and one other observation, this time from a teenager folded into the back seat: “Hey, they misspelled bullet.”

So at least the public education system scores a point.

The Basics

The Mustang comes in five trim levels, starting with the base EcoBoost, working its way up through a couple of GT models, and capping it all with the remarkable Bullitt.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta SEL

There are surprises, and there are pleasant surprises. The 2019 Jetta falls into the latter category.

It had been a few years since I got a peek at this particular VW model, and I could tell right away that the recent redesign has really helped an already-popular car.

The Jetta is approaching its 40th birthday (this fall, in fact), and over the last decade it has elbowed its way into being VW’s top-selling car, with more than 15 million of them on the road. It’s even worn the title of “best-selling European car in North America” more than once.

Now, with some stylish tweaks the new 7th generation of the Jetta is ready to continue its strong run.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 BMW 330i xDrive

Over the last quarter-century the 3-series has not only been the biggest seller of all the BMW models, it’s also found itself on Car and Driver’s 10 Best list more than 20 times.

By all definitions, that qualifies as a smash hit. It also puts a car reviewer, such as me, into a funny position: How can you possibly critique such a well-made specimen and not come across as fawning?

What, am I going to bust out a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes and inspect every stitch and seam, looking for an imperceptible flaw?

Nah. I’ll just fawn.Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate AWD

Shortly after I met Gretchen, who’s now my wife, she bought a Hyundai Santa Fe. That meant I got to drive it fairly often. (The truth is, Gretchen hates driving and will always default to being the passenger, even when we take her car.)

That’s when my love affair with this SUV began, and nothing has clouded that affection through the years.

For 2019 the Santa Fe is redesigned, ushering in the 4th generation of an SUV that South Korea introduced for the 2001 model year. They’re able to redesign from a position of strength, because the Santa Fe has been a hit practically from the moment its first wheels touched American soil.

Not only did it quickly ascend to the top of Hyundai’s sales charts, there was even a stretch of time where supply couldn’t meet up with demand — which is a wonderful position for a manufacturer to be in. Keep ‘em wanting more!Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature

If you want to check on the health of a particular car model, quickly scan the sales numbers. It’s not unusual for a model to fluctuate based on several factors, including how recently it’s been updated.

But when you check the numbers on the Mazda CX-5 you see something very telling. Those sales figures have increased every single year since the small crossover/SUV was first introduced to the American market in 2012.

In fact, from 2017 to 2018 it enjoyed a very healthy 18% jump. People, it seems, really dig this car.

And they should. You can be a real stickler and dig to find a few things to nitpick about — but there won’t be many. The CX-5 knows its market and certainly knows how to cater to it. It’s one of the better crossovers I’ve driven in the last year.

Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

When it was first introduced in 2001, this crossover SUV was known as the Airtrek. The name was intended to produce a feeling of “footloose, adventure-filled motoring pleasure.”

By 2006 a new name was introduced, the Outlander. This time we were told to expect a “feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure.”
That’s pretty cool, but what do I call it when I just want to drive down to the grocery store to get some eggs and maybe a glazed donut?

Marketing is fun!

For this review we’re going to focus only on the PHEV version, which stands for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This is different from a traditional hybrid in that you plug it in to generate just enough miles to get to a single destination. Then you plug it in again.

Don’t be alarmed; it also has a gas engine to pick up the slack.Continue Reading

Dom In The Morning Blog

Fit Foodie Festival and 5k/10k

Okay Foodies, get ready for the most delicious Finish Line ever at the EatingWell & Health Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K! The most delicious run ever hits the road this year with a huge line up of events that get your mouth watering and your heart pumping. Calories Burned. Calories Earned. Right?

Eat your way to the most delicious Finish Line ever, then celebrate at the post-run Food and Fitness Festival with mouthwatering bites, beer garden, culinary and fitness demonstrations, and so much more. A run you can really sink your teeth into, your registration includes:

· 5K (or 10K) registration and bib
· Bites along the course
· Finisher’s medal
· Access to the post-run Food and Fitness Festival
· Delicious tasting stations
· Celebration drinks in the beer garden
· Goody bag with gifts from health and wellness brands
· Cash reward and prize package for top finishers
· Bib Pickup night before run
· Automatic donation to No Kid Hungry

Just hungry? Join us inside the Food and Fitness Festival for eats, drinks and plenty of fun. See ya there!

Check out the city closest to you for specific details on participating athletes, event line-up, chefs, sponsors, and all other mouthwatering details. Each city is different and recipes and demo schedules will vary.


Festival for Life & 5K Walk/Run: AIDS Walk Colorado

Saturday, August 17th

Getting to zero will require all of us: that’s zero stigma, zero discrimination, zero new infections, and zero deaths from AIDS-related complications. It takes more than just one person or one organization, more than just one day or one event. It takes all of us joining together to celebrate how far we have come, honor the journey and remember the loved ones we have lost, and above all to rally together in solidarity with our community as a testament to the strength and resilience of all those impacted by HIV.

Festival for Life & 5K Walk/Run: AIDS Walk Colorado is the Rocky Mountain region’s oldest one-day HIV and AIDS fundraiser. For over thirty years, thousands of people from across Colorado have joined together as a community to raise money for organizations that provide vital services to people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV.

In addition to the traditional 5K Walk/Run, the Festival features live entertainment, food trucks, a beer garden, and family-friendly activities. As part of the day’s storied tradition, we will display panels from The Names Project – AIDS Memorial Quilt, an act of remembrance for all affected by HIV/AIDS.


Denver Nuggets 5K: Run to the Rim

5K Run/Walk & 1K Family Fun Run

Join us for the 4th Annual Denver Nuggets 5k – RUN TO THE RIM race on Sunday, August 11th, 2019 presented by Planet Fitness. The route will begin at Pepsi Center, goes through Auraria Campus then finishes with a post-race festival! (*The 5k is for all ages and fitness levels, so your entire family can participate.)

The Family Fun Run will be throughout Pepsi Center Property and finishing with a post-race festival!

Not only will the best mascot in the NBA, Rocky be leading off the race, but also there in support will be the Denver Nuggets Dancers, the Skyline Drumline and Mile High Hype Squad.



This week’s Staycation is sponsored by the $50,000 “Win The Wheels” giveaway at the Golden Mardi Gras Casino. Earn Entries now through July 28th!  The Grand prize Winner will walk away with a new 2019 Jeep Grand.