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July 17, 2018




Review: 2017 Mercedes 2500 Crew Van Sprinter

There are certain logos that trigger specific associations. You see the mermaid logo and you think coffee. When you spy the gold-colored arches you think fries and special sauce. Catch a glimpse of the Mix 100 logo and you can’t help but think of the greatest morning radio show of all time and dimension.

Still with me? *snicker

So when you spot the Mercedes star on a front grille you think sporty luxury vehicle. That’s why driving around in the 2500 Crew Van was a hoot during the last week of June. I’ve test-driven a couple dozen Mercedes vehicles over the years, and while I tooled down the road in my van I began to hum a Sesame Street song: One of these things is not like the others.

The Basics

Okay, so we don’t automatically equate the German luxury car maker with hulking cargo vans, also referred to as light commercial vehicles. But in all fairness, the early Daimler company introduced the first truck in the 1890s, and the Benz folks created the first bus (or motor coach, as they called it). So the genesis of the company included large (for their time) machines.

Fast forward to the 21st century and you get huge cargo vans with the star out in front. You’ll find this van in three different trim choices, ranging from the Cargo design – basically two front seats and a cavernous open space behind – to the Passenger, which holds about a dozen folks.

In between is the version I drove, labeled Crew. This gives you the two front seats and another row behind which holds three adults. That still leaves a tremendous amount of storage room in the back.

If I was going to drive this big van, I wanted to use it for what it was designed for. I mean, driving this thing to the Buell Theater doesn’t quite fit.

I had to haul lots of boxes, tables, and a tall ficus tree across town, so I rolled up my sleeves, found a place outside my building where the 2500 actually fit, and got to work.Continue Reading

Dom’s Book Club for July, 2018: Wicked and the Wallflower

In the twenty years I’ve been hosting Dom’s Book Club, this hasn’t happened before. A very nice woman called the show and somehow the subject of books came up. When I asked what she was currently reading, she gushed about something called Wicked and The Wallflower.

I think my favorite part of the conversation was when she said, “Dom, you wouldn’t like it.” Ha, I love that!

But my book club isn’t only about my favorites. Instead, I like to jump around from genre to genre, style to style, selecting books that will appeal to different portions of the listening audience. And I’m not stupid: I know that romance novels are HUGE.

I promised this wonderful listener that I would take her suggestion and make Wicked and The Wallflower one of my monthly picks. And I’m a man of my word.

Full disclosure: I haven’t read it. So instead of my own view, here’s the actual description from the publisher:Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

When I first fired up the engine of the redesigned Mazda6, I had a momentary flashback. I was a teenager again, watching a television commercial for Mazda’s claim-to-fame at that time: a rotary engine.

Don’t misunderstand; you’ll find no rotary power in the 6. The last time the company used that particular engine in a standard production car was in the RX8 six years ago. It was just a fun memory for me. These days Mazda goes the traditional route, and the 6 is essentially a stepping-stone for entering the luxury market.

Why? Because slowly but surely the Japanese carmaker is stepping up their game, delivering a smooth, powerful ride in a comfortable, close-to-luxurious setting. For the price, the Mazda6 is a player to be reckoned with.

The Basics

Every car, it seems, must be labeled. It’s mostly so the various competitors can compare apples to apples – and sometimes lemons to lemons.

You’ve got your subcompacts, your compacts, your sports cars, sport utility beasts, and the good ol’, reliable family sedan. That last category is where we slot the Mazda6.Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Hyundai Kona

A few years ago I spent about ten days in Hawaii, not for a beach vacation but rather an educational expedition. The majority of that time was spent on the Big Island, where we hiked through lava tubes, visited the Keck Observatory, and took a 3am boat ride to watch the brilliant red volcanic magma flowing into the ocean.

The only souvenir I brought home from that ten-day outing was a T-shirt from the Kona Brewing Company in the town of the same name. Yes, there was enough down time between hikes to learn a bit about Hawaiian beer. I got an A+ in liquid aloha, dude.

Naturally I now have a fondness for anything Kona. When I heard that Hyundai was introducing a new crossover vehicle with that name, I had to give it a shot. Here’s what I discovered in six days behind the wheel.

The Basics

The Kona joins a family of already-popular SUVs in the Hyundai stable, and by some sort of law they must all be named after towns. The Santa Fe has always (in my opinion) been a great vehicle, and the Tucson is a reliable sibling.

But if you’re looking to go a touch smaller than those two, the Kona is a good choice.

The exterior styling is jazzy enough to make the car stand out in a crowded parking lot, thanks to a designer who used to do the same for BMW. I mean, there’s only so much you can do to make one car look significantly different from another, but we know certain companies that have gone the other direction and put out some butt-ugly boxes. The Kona looks sharp.Continue Reading

Dom’s Book Club for June, 2018: The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah

Gretchen devoured this book in just a few days, and it seems she’s in good company. Kristin Hannah has quickly built a legion of followers with books that grip you with a terrific story and fascinating characters.

In this novel, the setting becomes a character all its own. Set in Alaska in the 1970s, The Great Alone tells the story of a family looking for a fresh start. In an attempt to truly get away from it all, Ernt Allbright seeks to escape the horrors of his stint in Vietnam by taking his wife and daughter to the wild frontiers of the Kenai peninsula.

With mountains draped by glaciers, the backdrop of this story is beautifully described, and the harsh winter conditions practically ooze out of the pages.

Along with severe climatic changes, the Allbright family contends with the frightening changes that Ernt has endured. This is a story of a mother and daughter coping with domestic violence. Then young Leni finds herself involved with Matthew, a relationship that began as friends at school, but blossomed into romance.

Critics rave about Hannah’s ability to capture the pain and fear in these family dynamics. Some mention that it’s “emotionally wrenching,” and Gretchen agreed with that sentiment. She offered this advice: “Make sure you’re in a pretty good place yourself before you dive into this book.”

It’s the selection for June because Kristin Hannah can flat-out write. Pick it up at The Tattered Cover Book Store. If you mention Dom’s Book Club, they’ll take 20% off the price of this title.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Review: 2018 Dodge Challenger GT

The nickname has been around for ages, but I still snicker whenever I hear the term “muscle car.” I always imagine some ripped young dude in sunglasses, cruising around with the window rolled down, his bicep pressed against the door, the other hand lightly placed at 12 o’clock, maneuvering a twisty road near the beach. Probably AC/DC jumping out of the speakers, right?

Then I drive through Arvada or Centennial and see a member of AARP walking out of a 7-11 with a Big Gulp and a fruit pie, getting behind the wheel of a Mustang or Challenger and setting off for the world of stop-n-go traffic with his favorite Katy Perry song to keep him company.

Okay, so muscle cars aren’t for any specific demographic. Younger, older, it doesn’t matter. And the Dodge Challenger has made a statement by rolling up its sleeves and flexing.

The Basics

Since the Viper story came to a close last year (at least temporarily), that leaves the Charger and the Challenger as the only coupes bearing the Dodge name.

I spent a week with the ’18 Challenger GT, one of a bazillion trim/sub-trim levels you can choose from. The first thing I noticed when I eased out of the parking garage was: Dang, this car is large. Don’t know yet if it’s in charge, but it’s large.Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Mercedes S450 4Matic

When most of us were kids, the cry of “Shotgun!” rang out every time your mom or dad drove you and your sibs around. Nobody wanted to ride in the back. Everybody recognized that the cool spot was up front with the grownups.

But when I drove the Mercedes S450 around for a week, every one of my passengers whined to get INTO the back seat. That, it seems, is the seat of power in the S450.

Take a ride back there and you’ll understand immediately.

Hey, it’s not like the rest of the car is sloppy. This large sedan practically demands respect and awe. Not only is the drive magnificent, but the luxury oozes out so much that it attaches to your body and lingers for a good hour after you exit.

The Basics

When you see the S class badge, you simply nod and recognize that you’re getting the cream of the crop in the Mercedes stable. Style, comfort, power, and more-than-sufficient sexiness.

You can really beef up to the S560, which injects some additional horsepower, but really? You’ll save a few bucks with the 450, and all of the same options and packages are at your disposal.

My ride sported a 3.0-liter V6 that kicked out more than 360 horses. Rear-wheel drive is the standard, but I threw a tantrum until they gave me the 4Matic, which delivers power to all four tires. Hey, this is Colorado. When I move to Florida I’ll settle for the baby brother.Continue Reading

Dom’s Book Club for May, 2018: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

I was a kid who loved the old Star Trek reruns (Kirk/Spock/McCoy versions). I’d get home from school and one of the independent TV stations ran ST from 4 to 5p. It got to the point where my dad voiced his frustration that I was watching “the same damned shows over and over.”

It’s true. Eventually I could mouth the dialogue right along with the characters. Weird kid.

One of the episodes I remember was called “Who Mourns for Adonais?” The crew lands on a planet and encounters one of the old Earth gods from mythology. Turns out Apollo was real, but fled when people stopped believing in gods. Kind of a big, pouting God-Baby. (Of course, it had to sting when Captain Kirk cried out, “If you want to play god and call yourself Apollo, that’s your business, but you’re no god to us, mister!”)

The only thing worse than the acting might’ve been the costume selection. Oh well, 1960s television. What can you do?

Years later, that episode jumped to mind when I read Neil Gaiman’s clever American Gods. Same basic principle. Old gods are battling society’s new gods, fearful that we piddly humans are losing interest. And gods cease to be gods when they have no one to worship them.

Some humans get caught up in the fracas. Or, in the case of Shadow Moon (silly name, but fun character), they are knee-deep in the dust-up.

Neil Gaiman has earned his huge, doting fan base for good reason. He invents fascinating story ideas and the guy can flat-out write circles around most wordsmiths. American Gods mixes mythology (which I love) with a travelogue of America and a potent dash of humor.

As Gaiman states in his biography: “I make things up and write them down.”

The rest of us are lucky he does.

Pick up American Gods at your nearest Tattered Cover Book Store. Mention Dom’s Book Club and they’ll look at you like you’ve lost your mind. Then they’ll give you 10% off this particular title.

Review: Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring

We have seen the future of driving in America, and it appears (for now) to come in three forms:

  • Self/Auto-Driving vehicles (I’m a big fan)
  • Sharing services (Uber/Lfyt/WhoKnowsWhatsNext)
  • Roads and highways populated with SUVs and trucks (Ford is the first to basically throw in the towel when it comes to sedans)

Let’s focus on that last segment. In a world (wow, I sound like a movie announcer) where everyone drives a utility vehicle, the competition will get bare-knuckle-nasty in both the luxury arena and the affordable crowd.

Subaru is going for it in the latter game.

And look, the field is already pretty crowded when it comes to compact SUVs. Honda’s CR-V and Toyota’s RAV4 aren’t going to roll over for anyone, and Hyundai is pretty proud of the Tucson.

But Subaru has decades of success to lean on. It was only a few years ago that Motor Trend bestowed the SUV of The Year award on the Forester, and nobody at Subie seems to be resting on any laurels.Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Toyota Camry hybrid

Remember when hybrid cars were new to the market? They looked a little funny, they didn’t exactly woo you with the goodies we’ve been spoiled by over the years, and some folks were just downright scared of them.

To steal a line from the old Virginia Slims commercial, you’ve come a long way, baby. Ain’t nothin’ scary about the new Camry hybrid. In fact, it kicks butt. (Get it? Cigarette butt? Never mind.)

The Basics

Toyota is very serious about their hybrids. The Prius blazed a trail, and today the company employs the fuel-saving technology throughout their lineup.

The engineers aren’t just sitting on their hands, either. This year the Camry hybrid is almost entirely redesigned, with some changes that will no doubt boost already-impressive sales stats even more.

(For the record, the Camry sold 387,000 units in the U.S. last year, making it the best-selling sedan. Essentially a thousand cars a day? Nobody wants to screw with that kind of success.)

You can choose from three trim levels, the base LE, the SE, or the XLE. If you want the best mileage possible, then opt for the LE. No, it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles in standard fare, but the little guy will produce about 52 mpg. Whoa.

I drove the XLE, because I’m spoiled.Continue Reading

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Changing the Conversation Luncheon ft. Tarana Burke

Thursday, September 20th

We are so honored to announce that this year’s Changing the Conversation Luncheon will feature a dialogue with MeToo founder, Tarana Burke!

Join us for lunch and a conversation about what’s next and how each of us can take steps to end sexual violence. Tickets are available now, including a VIP option offering a meet-and-greet with Ms. Burke following the program.

Tarana Burke has dedicated her life to social justice work and giving strength to those who experienced sexual trauma. Honored as one of The Silence Breakers named as TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year, Burke spearheaded the Me Too movement years before it became a viral hashtag.


Changing the Conversation Luncheon ft. Tarana Burke

Thursday, September 20th

We are so honored to announce that this year’s Changing the Conversation Luncheon will feature a dialogue with MeToo founder, Tarana Burke!

Join us for lunch and a conversation about what’s next and how each of us can take steps to end sexual violence. Tickets are available now, including a VIP option offering a meet-and-greet with Ms. Burke following the program.

Tarana Burke has dedicated her life to social justice work and giving strength to those who experienced sexual trauma. Honored as one of The Silence Breakers named as TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year, Burke spearheaded the Me Too movement years before it became a viral hashtag.